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HO HA! Yes! I found it!

In test Behaviors, there is a checkbox called “Include test score in overall score.” It was deselected. Normally, this is selected. See screenshot below.

I had previously turned this checkbox off in TEST settings (almost never mess with it) because this course USED TO have 2 separate tests (depending on which type of store you were in).

We recently made it uniform across all stores so I removed the “other test” within the course. But I never re-selected this checkbox on account of I just didn’t remember to turn it back on.

I also learned this…

<span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Times New Roman;”>If you have a SCORM title that includes a graded test, the test score should pass automatically. You should not have to add that AICC_Score action. (Although that is a simple workaround.) And when a graded test is passed (score >= minimum) Lectora will set the AICC_Lesson_Status as well. If you do NOT have a graded test then you will need to add an action to ModVAR AICC_Lesson_Status = Completed.</span>

Anywho, thought I’d share the learnings, y’all.