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No need Jason. Lectora is still my favourite too. But i too keep an open eye to the competitors.

Mostly i try to convince clients to use Lectora. Also because i know i can deliver a top endresult with it. With Storyline2 the hurdle of Flash and no real responsiveness made me choose Lectora time after time. Now i will spent time in the combo of Rise and Storyline, because if that works good enough…well then i could choose that path if applicable.
Actually on reading comments on the post i linked i already noticed quite a few drawbacks, so dont worry too much.
Eg. Storyline content blocked into Rise cannot sent LMS values or scores. Rise handles that. So what that exactly means i cannot predict, have to see and try. But if that means Storyline blocks are just visual, and cannot pass interactions into Rise, well that would be a major drawback.. bringing it back to just a video or image.. we will see.

@jason – 508 for Rise has its issues.
Due to the fact that basic components are not easily adaptable, Rise had quite some non-compliant 508 things, low contrast and more. Quite a few are fixed is what i read, but definately not all. For the default components that would mean overriding things with CSS or wait till a fix from the developers comes. So on that part you are better off with Lectora for sure.