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The issue for any company selling software is “how much money will we make if we do blah?”

Every time Trivantis adds a new feature the amount of testing increases by an order of magnitude. For example, if there only 3 features those can interact in 6 possible ways, 4 features in 24 ways… 12 features in 479,001,600 ways!

If Trivantis takes the effort to make Lectora output fully HTML5 compliant how many more sales will that result in, and will the result be more than the effort it will take in design, development and testing?

The counter argument is that if we don’t do enough people will leave.

For me the obvious big thing holding Lectora back (and I don’t mean full HTML5 compliance, lack of a timeline, difficult to extend/customise…) is that the the UI is so last century. From simple things like the title explorer not opening nodes when I drag and hold an item over the node, to “unnecessary” modal dialog boxes, to a ribbon that’s forever changing, to poor table handling, to the inability to set CSS styles for each responsive view, to items in “odd” places (eg how do you insert a variable into some text?)