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I’ve never worked with XLIF but in my experience whenever a non technical person is required to work with XML anything, the thing blows up (“wait… you put a space in the closing tag at line 4196”). What would’ve been smarter would’ve been to make an interface to XLIF that did the “grunt” work.

The problem with Captivate is that it looks like it works one way but actually works another (which you can only find out by trawling Google or the forums).

That Storyline’s subscription is $3K+ p.a. must be a joke. The idea of a subscription is a low monthly charge that makes the cost reasonable when compared to the buying the product outright. When I look at the videos of the responsive examples of Rise and see one block of text with one picture under it I feel they are being disingenuous about its capabilities.

By contrast Lectora’s UI is easy. What I really like, when I work as a maintenance programmer, is that there’s no real way to hide code. (In the bad old Flash days some luser would attach actionscript to a sprite embedded multiple levels down that took ages to locate). Sadly the UI is dated both in look and capabilities.