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I want to clarify something: “Equal to” does mean EXACTLY equal to. A string of characters with a space at the end is not the same as that same string of characters without a space at the end, and should not be treated as such.

Also, I’m sorry I didn’t see your original post, because there would have been a more reliable way to go about this than combining some “equal to” and some “contains” conditions. I try never to quibble with code that works, but I do fear that your solution will be very difficult to edit six months from now when you’ve done 300 other things and then have to come back to this because you have to add a new item to the list.

With JavaScript you can read an external list at run time to populate a drop-down list in your course. Doing that automatically numbers the list, so you can refer to the selected item by its number. Or maybe even better in this case, the same external list could contain both the options for your drop-down list and the text that should appear for each one.

Search my posts on this forum an you’ll find a fair amount of info on this.