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I agree with all of you and welcome all the suggestions.  I don’t care if they know or not – I just want a way to know that they didn’t end up in the trash.  I know CD’s are not necessarily supported, but there is always someone in the office with a CD drive.  I want to make the statement that we still support retro stuff but are moving them forward.  I’m targeting a specific industry where the clients still want a paper bill, send a check for payment, and are still using a lot of older computers.  (I don’t want to insult them so not mentioning in this post).  In other words, I want to tug them along with a teaser.  I do like the idea of pointing them to the LMS – and will do that at the end of the short mini-class.

I’m planning on doing a really eye-catching mailer envelope as well.  It’s all about presentation and novelty.  I get a ton of emails every day trying to sell me something.  I hit delete, delete, delete.  So I think it’s time to think differently to catch someone’s eye.  It’s worth a try.

You’ve all made great suggestions.  Thank you so much.