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This is similar to something I did with a button that I used to simulate behavior where a user would open a menu that would only close by clicking on a menu option or an area of the screen outside the menu. In this case, I removed it from the tab order using Darrel’s second example (using %HTMLNAME%btn instead of the specific button ID).

I know your initial intent is remove the button from the tab order, but you may want to consider changing the cursor image when hovering over a button that doesn’t actually “do” anything. I used another Darrel solution using:


Darrel – it occurs to me wonder…Could you create a class that sets this and just add the class to the description when needed? i.e.

.nohover {

cursor: default;


I thought this might be doable with the tabindex, too, but haven’t had a chance to tinker just yet…I have a couple months of buffer now that the last of my initial 6 courses are done and released.

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