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Darrel – Removing the object from the tab index does not affect screen readers when I tested with NVDA. I was very confident before testing but wanted to make sure before I answered.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the nohover or notab to work using CSS and a class in the appearance setting. I was using Chrome in developer mode and even when I changed the cursor value on the buttonXXXX div, it would swap the cursor and I could see the HTML change each time I did it.

I was thinking about some work I was doing on a custom skin where I was adding :hover to the play/pause and CC buttons and was able to pull off changing the opacity:

.nohover button:hover {
opacity: 0;

However, adding the cursor property did not change its behavior. It looks like the div id keeps overriding the cursor value set even when targeting the :hover.

I’m out of ideas, as I think I’ve hit the peak of my knowledge and research on this one.