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Right… never mind. I spoke too soon.

In the package you provided, the custom fonts work perfectly. I even added a new font to it.

However, I tried using your CSS in my other documents and it doesn’t work anymore 🙁 … I don’t get what is going on here?

I tried the following:

  1. I created a new responsive title. Added the CSS , then the font-files, closed the document and opened it again to add text blocks. But no fonts.
  2. I created a blank title. Did the same steps. No fonts.
  3. I created a shared, blank version. No fonts.
  4. I created a blank version, added an HTML-extension where I added the font-files FIRST, before the CSS. Also nothing.


Which steps did you follow exactly? I must be missing something here.

EDIT: Sidenote – I copy/pasted (or copied it manually) in the other documents. When I copy/paste your HTML extension with all fonts inside etc. directly from your package into the others. It works… Pardon my French, but what the fuck -_- .