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Hi Jason, Hi Jenny

the course was built in Lectora 11, when some things about tests were made differently. I don’t know what happens when you open it in Lectora 16 / 17.

When I look at it in Lectora 11 there’s only one “Process Test / Survey” action on Page 4, which is as it should be. It may be that Lectora 16.2 turns the older results page into the new Results object, but that’s not an option in L 11.

Although all the “Process question” actions should do no harm, they could be deleted as the questions neither have Feedback nor Attempts enabled.

When you answer questions 1 and 2 correctly and exit, the LMS should not record a score because the test has not been processed. If you return, answer question 3 correctly and click “done” the LMS should record 100% as all answers have been retained and the test has been processed. This is the way you’ve set up the test so there’s no bug in it.

I don’t know Brightwave, so I can’t tell what’s the difference between “Latest” and “Best”. Usually it would mean either the Best result from all completed Scorm-Attempts or the result of the Last completed Scorm-Attempt. In your course you only send a “Lesson_Status” from the “Pass” page but not from the “Fail” page. This may mean that if a user fails the test the Scorm attempt stays incomplete so it’s not recorded and the result from last completed attempt is kept even if it’s from last year. You could try to just copy the action that sets the lesson_status to the “Fail” page.

It may also be an option to reset the attempts in the system before the new years repetition phase begins so the system doesn’t have any previous scores any more.