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A bit more info on the preview script im working on.

For several jobs i noticed designers not taking care of proper sizes and not even thinking about the layout of elements on multiple devices. No go for sure, but well it happens. So at some point i decided to add a preview mode to my scripts so i can deliver that to the designers. They can check how their design will look like when created as is for Responsive design in Lectora…and if needed tweak things.

Its all based upon Photoshop CC, where Artboard Layers can be used to develop multiple pages.
Each artboard will be a separate Lectora page. So how does it work ?

In Photoshop you create ( CC2017 ) the desktop view. Each page is offcourse a separate Artboard. Then the designer can run my script, and choose some options. A list of elements appears with options to set. Keep 100%, use Lectora default scaling and a few others. The Artboard layer gets processed and will show in Photoshop to the designer how it will look in Lectora when done. This the designer can do on each Artboard/Page, thus finetuning his design.

I have still quite some work to do, but its getting there really nice.


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