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If you bypass the built-in Lectora options, well then Lectora only can assume its a desktop only title, and thus anything related to “responsiveness’ and multi-devices you will need to add manually in your Js/CSS.

If you use Bootstrap, that is solved in the library itself. If not you need to do it yourself. Even the Autoplay option might be comprimised by using your approach. I do know a previous version of Lectora17 caused issues with audio and autoplay when the ‘accessibility’ checkbox was on. Obviously because Autoplay for audio and video is a big breach against 508-accessibility rules. So you actually should get rid of that in your courses, cause when using the strict 508-rules your courses will fail for 508.

Quote straight from .gov:
“However, it’s not recommended to “autoplay” media (to load and automatically play a media file when a web page loads) since it interrupts assistive technologies (AT). Allow your users to choose if they want to listen to the track and provide an on and off button.