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Thanks for the reply Joe! I appreciate you looking into it with the QA group. I may be able to offer a few more details that would hopefully help. The way that the scaling worked on mobile devices prior to the recent update to 4.0 was great! At least from our perspective…We want our course pages to appear in full, even on mobile devices—we want the user to be able to see the entire screen without having to scroll down.

See the attachment titled pic1. This is a picture of one of our titles (named Agile Fundamentals) that was published with the prior version of LO (before 4.0) as it currently appears in our LMS (on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Landscape orientation).

You can see that there is extra space on the sides of the title (because the content is scaling to adjust to the height of the device in landscape mode.

The publish settings used are shown in the attachment titled “Publish Settings”.

Again, that’s an existing course that was published prior to LO 4.0.

Now see the attachment titled pic2. I just now published the same title with the same publishing settings and uploaded it to the same LMS, and viewed in on the same Samsung tablet – and this is what it looks like.

I guess I was wrong in my post and the Seamless Play setting has nothing to do with the issue we are having. But hopefully you can see that something changed with the new LO 4.0 that is causing our courses to scale differently now on tablets. I know you say that those settings should not affect mobile views, but those settings did (in the prior LO version) affect mobile views the same way they affected desktop views. We’d really like to be able to have them working the way they used to.

Hopefully this helps illustrate what we are seeing! Thanks again for reaching out.