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I managed to pull something off that I have no idea how to undo, because it seriously wrecks the whole thing.

I copied the JS from the sample over to the page in my course with the questions. I did a multi-select on the images in the question to add the class, but when I did, I misspelled it as “questionicons” instead of “questionicon”. Doing this somehow added the class to the first dropdown. Even after removing the class from the first icon, the first drop down retains the incorrectly spelled class and NONE of the drop downs have the new “dropdowns” class.

It’s ONLY the first drop down this happens to – there is no class added to the subsequent dropdowns. Copying/pasting the question to an entirely different title/page has the same thing happen. I am so thoroughly stumped on how I managed to pull this blunder off and even more stumped at how it could possibly be undone.