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Here’s a quick sample that reflects what I’m doing on this one – The CC is a custom button to work around the bug in the default player that breaks tab functioning at the CC button discussed in the thread Clickable media element

In the end, changing the mep ending value may be the best option, since I rarely have more than one media file. I thought it might be a value to others I’ve seen that have multiple media elements on pages, especially as we’re thinking more and more about accessibility and the need for captions on audio.

Tim – are you referring to the thread re: populating a droplist from an array or the one where we used a variable to determine the text of the “nth” option of the list?

Is there a way to do “contains” as the div ID? If that’s the case, I can use the name of the player, which is the most common denominator in the div (div id = mep_X” class “mejs-container dhsplayer-small-no-cc”