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@mallow76 – thank you – Ideally, I do not want to mark as complete work that is not finalised.
At the same time I do want to store (and show) partial results.

Tim – thank you for checking. Sending a completion statement (AICC_Status = completed) seems to work every time. I run a number of moodles – but the one I have to work on is the university’s and I am not sure of its version.

Now… if I understand correctly, all we have to do is set the variable AICC_Score and that is automatically sent to Moodle. In other words I do not have to send anything to moodle, the moodle SCORM engine will discover the value of this variable. Essentially that is what I have done yet recording of score does not always happen. Can you please confirm that just setting the variable gets it sent to moodle?

Thanks again to everybody