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@cpaxton – Not sure if you’re still working on this, but I may have an additional option that may be useful, especially as you “enable” other letters of the alphabet in the future. This was inspired by some other work @timk helped with, re-ordering icons and drop downs that are within a question. @klaatu – I think this finally answers the question as to how to remove from tab order more globally than adding an an onShow to every element on a page.

I was able to put together a javascript that can be run at the title level that effectively hides images, shapes and buttons from tab order that have a specific class. Instead of removing the tabindex attribute, it sets the value to “-1”, which hides it from tab order. This allows you to add a class to an element you want hidden and later, simply remove the class from the element to add it back in.

I’ve attached a sample that shows images, shapes and buttons removed from tab order. At the moment, I have them as two separate JS actions and there may be some cleanup that could be done. I’m not sure if they could be combined, as I tried and it didn’t work the same.

Note: You can remove the console log lines if you want. I had those in there for testing purposes so I could verify I was getting the right values for each variable and how they each looked.