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Hi Andrew – Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

I did some work with @timk very early on in the development of my courses on this very question. It comes down to knowing the variables and how they match, since in essence, drag and drop is an “animated” matching question.

Drag and drop questions use a format of “ItemNumber-ZoneNumber) to track answers and is all on one line in Lectora (i.e., after dragging item 1 to drop zone 1 only, the question variable value “i01-d01,i02-(na)”, etc. From there, you can set up an action group that checks the question variable, then adds to a custom variable to count the number correct when the question is processed. For example:

onProcessQuestion -> Add to variable “correct” IF Question_0001 Contains “d01-i01” .

I’ve attached the example Tim helped me with so you can see it in action. Instead of a process question, I used a submit that checked the answers, but didn’t process the question. If it’s in a quiz, I’m not 100% sure what Lectora does in terms of correct or incorrect when processing, since the variable for the question is populated with the answer given by the user. For “tests” that aren’t an actual “final” test, I prefer to use a custom variable to calculate scoring and the “pass/fail” percentage.

Side note: keep in mind that a drag and drop question is NOT accessible for keyboard users. Here’s a link to an example alternative that helps for keyboard only users, depending on the design of your question. You can only tab to the other options, which are checkboxes that trigger animation to move the item to the plate:

Accessible drag and drop using storyline


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