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With Lectora v17 there are some changes that may need to be made to your scripting in order for it to work properly with Seamless Play Publishing. Perhaps the following will help:

Scripting Limitation/Modifications with Seamless Play

  • All scripting technically works but if they add their own HTML elements through scripting they should use the function that we have provided which will work in Seamless publishing and non-Seamless cases.  The functions are:
    • getDisplayWindow()
      • Returns the window objects that is to be used for dealing with the js objects generated by lectora and all window related attributes
    • getDisplayDocument()
      • Returns the document object that is to be used for dealing with the visual HTML objects, it contains all of the currently HTML elements for the page
    • GetCurrentPageDiv()
      • Returns an HTML element that represents the page div
    • GetCurrentPageID()
      • Returns a string with the name of the current page div
    • appendElement(obj, parentElement, htmlElement)
      • This function can be used for attaching objects to the current page div; the customer would only need to pass in the last attribute as either a HTML element or a string.


Containing your containers: Custom JavaScript Suggestions for Lectora Online

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