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Lectora creates variables for each test and each test section, e.g. “Test_1_Score” or “Test_1_Test_Section_1_Score”. These variables contain the score for the respective scope in %. But there’s no separate score for a single question.

A way to get a score for a single drag & drop question can be to put it into a separate section and check “Grade each choice”. For the evaluation Lectora will treat each dropzone as a separate question. For a dnd question with 4 dropzones and the user dropping 3 of 4 correctly the score for the section will be 75 for the 3 separate questions that have been answered correctly. This score is also relevant for the total score of the test. Minor drawback is that Lectora also treats the parts separately when displaying test results.

If you wanted to evaluate the question with 0 for the test score and still react to the partially correct answer, Jasons’ approach would be the way to go.

By the way:

“Process test” and “Process question” are completely unrelated actions. You must process a test to get a score or run actions for “On: passed” and “On: failed”. Without processing a test you won’t have any score neither for the test nor the sections, thus the test couldn’t be passed.

A question doesn’t have to be processed. The moment a user changes the question it’s either correct or not. Process question means to run actions that have been defined on the “Feedback” and the “Attempts” tab of a question. If you don’t use these settings there’ll be no need to process it. It doesn’t have any effect on the score of a test the question may be in, although it won’t do any harm to have the action with no Feedback or Attempts settings.