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It would depend on the size of your project, but I’ve used a menu (rather than a table of contents) in the past to achieve something similar. I have created a menu with a submenu for each page, then attach a conditional action for the page. The action has to be created in an action group in order to make it conditional (i.e. if you select Go To as the action for the menu item, you can’t specify a condition, but if you select Run Action Group, you can configure the condition in the action group).

Could be a little tedious/time-consuming for a large project, and in some cases I’ve used this method on chapters rather than at the page level.

So you see the chapters/pages but the action group for each chapter/page is configured to:

GoTo <chapter/page> IF <chapter/page> Is Started, else No Action.

You have to create the menu manually (i.e. you can’t use the “Create menu from table of contents”) because you can’t configure the conditions in this way either.

I hope this makes sense.