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I have resorted to using the following:

// Grab the set opacity from a lectora variable so I can change the value if needed
var elementOpacity = Var_opacityElement.getValue();

// Apply the set opacity to all elements within the group
var elementBtn = document.getElementById(‘shape520513’);  // First element in group
elementBtn.style.opacity = elementOpacity;
elementBtn.style.filter  = ‘alpha(opacity=’+(elementOpacity*100)+’)’;  // IE fallback

var elementOutline = document.getElementById(‘shape520546’);  // Second element in group
elementOutline.style.opacity = elementOpacity;
elementOutline.style.filter = ‘alpha(opacity=’+(elementOpacity*100)+’)’;  // IE fallback

var elementIndicator = document.getElementById(‘shape520573’);  // Third element in group
elementIndicator.style.opacity = elementOpacity;
elementIndicator.style.filter = ‘alpha(opacity=’+(elementOpacity*100)+’)’;  // IE fallback