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@jparker1694 – Thanks for the response!

Actually, I found another solution in another thread on this problem, which is to go into the .awt file in notepad, find the note (by searching for a word that you know is in the note or on that page and isn’t too common within your course) and then manually changing the x or y location (in my case, I think it was the x-axis number that was changed to something over 2,400!). I think if the page is a simple one, your method might be easier, but, for pages with lots of objects (especially ones that generate variables, like quiz questions, etc.), the .awt file approach may be the better way to go.

I’ve also mentioned it to someone I’m working (on some non-related issues) with at Trivantis, who said that he’d check to make sure that this bug is on the developers’ list of things that need fixing.