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Hi Christina,

Sounds like you don’t want Lectora to convert your page names to short ID-based names.  I can see from the screenshot that option is selected and disabled.  This typically happens if you have two or more pages that have the same name.  You should look through the publish warnings and see if there are any warnings about duplicate page names.

I also see there are a lot of warnings for image size.  That can really affect how quickly your course loads, I would recommend you check the publish option for Optimize published image sizes.  These can also be adjusted in your title by going into the resource manager and clicking the optimize button.

The only time Lectora Online does would alter an MP3 would be when you import it.  If it is already an MP3 then it shouldn’t need to do anything to it.  Can you explain a little more about why you think they are being compressed?

Hope this helps…

– Joe