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EDIT #2: I fixed the long-ID name issue. There was a hyphen in the Title name. Thanks for making me think about that!

EDIT: I clicked the Optimize button and exported to SCORM. The zip file size is exactly the same as the non-optimized version.

Joe, thank you for replying. I have 3 AU’s included in this module; each title is unique, and pages are numbered incrementally, so no duplicate page names within each AU.

I will try your suggestion to optimize the swfs. But in Resource Manager I don’t have the option to optimize swfs. no button.

The swf files on each page have embedded audio, the same mp3 quality as what’s included in some lectora pages. When played through Lectora there is no audible difference; When published to Reviewlink there is no audible difference; when published to SCORM I can hear a difference.