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I might be unusually ornery today, so if this comes across that way, please forgive me.

While this seems like a neat idea on its face, I want to push back on the philosophy behind it a little. What’s the value to the learner in having bullets or question choices transition in one at a time?

In a slide deck, that’s usually done to allow a speaker to elaborate on each bullet before the next one appears, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea in e-learning. If you have audio that elaborates on each bullet and the audio script isn’t shown on the screen, the course content may not be accessible to hearing-impaired learners. If you’re doing it for visual appeal, it may annoy learners who read faster than the timing you set, and may distract learners who read slower.

One of my guiding principles for design is that I never do anything that’s cool just because it’s cool. Cool stuff that improves engagement or retention is great, but for me, transitioning bullets or question choices one at a time doesn’t do that and has some downsides noted above. (And in the bargain, it’s faster and cheaper not to do it.)

I’m open to debate, though, and certainly might be missing something. So back to my original question: What’s the value to the learner?