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While the two of you are here… I have another puzzle (I suppose I could start another thread but…)

Since running moodle 3.3.x I have been experiencing SCORM alert messages (which actually interrupt the flow of work). The message I get is:

“The SCORM player has determined that your Internet connection is unreliable or has been interrupted. If you continue in this SCORM activity, your progress may not be saved.
You should exit the activity now, and return when you have a dependable Internet connection

Now… I am actually on a fibre optic connection at most places I work. I get this message on many machines. As far as I can tell, the VPS I work on is NOT slow or weak (it can support about 100 simultaneous users). Earlier versions of Moodle do not have the same problem and work perfectly well. The Moodle community was not able to help other than to suggest a slow connection or weak server and the need to improve the caching system. I can run the files ok on other SCORM engines (e.g. Chamilo). Currently, I can run on pre-moodle 3.3.x systems but will have to upgrade eventually. Not sure what to do. Any advice????