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I definitely do, in some cases. I’m only suggesting that all of the text can be displayed at once, and that determining when it is time for the learner to read it is … fraught. I’m a reasonably fast reader, and it bugs the stuffing out of me to have to wait for a narrator to read me text that I’m perfectly capable of reading on my own. I know I’m not alone in that, and in fact an argument can be made that audio that simply restates text on the screen increases extraneous cognitive load; see for instance https://www.caveolearning.com/blog/using-elearning-audio-to-enhance-learner-retention.

Additionally, learners with hearing impairments — and those who don’t happen to have working speakers or a headset, or for whom playing audio would disturb nearby colleagues — may wonder if they’re supposed to click something to move on. Obviously there has to be some balance; I doubt many of us would argue for letting learners just click “Next” without reading or listening.

And if there’s so much information on the screen that cognitive load from the text alone is a concern, I would argue that there may be too much information on the screen. 🙂