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Fair enough. I do have an “audio off” button on the template.

Also worth mentioning that this is specifically aimed at learners who have difficulty reading. (I mean “this feature” and not “this course”.) I’m specifically thinking of questions, where the various options need to be read to the students so they can pick one, and each needs to be visually emphasized as it is read to help the students select the correct choice. That is, assume the question is “What is the capital of the United States?” If the choices are:

• Toledo

• Spokane

• Washington, D. C.

Then I’d like to highlight “Toledo” (circle it, change the background color–I haven’t picked a style yet) as the voice-over reads “Toledo” out loud. (I’ll also have the ability to “read out” any given bit of text by tapping or clicking on it.)

As it turns out, the “Sync Events” feature for multimedia clips might be what I was looking for in any case.