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@mnotermans5114 – Thanks for taking the time to look at your library. I really think it’s unachievable without a series of Custom Divs for the buttons, where I have full control over the onmousedown command.

@mallow76 – I will happily admit to sometimes “making things harder”. I’m trying to expand my repertoire and following the status quo, it’s less likely that I’ll learn and grow as a developer.

The other piece of it is that these modules are all software simulations, so some functionality, by it’s nature, is highly complex. In this case, it’s not simply a matter of the initial button state. Each button disables another group of buttons – a total of ten. As I said, I could create an action group that disables/enables that’s run with an onClick. However, I thought I’d try a JavaScript that disables/enables all the buttons with a specific class with one command.