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Never mind – I solved this!!

In case anyone else finds this useful, here’s what I did…

First, I did deduce that the problem was caused by the ongoing flow of actions, because, if I clicked the exit button a bunch of times very quickly, it would, eventually, work. However, I needed a solution that wouldn’t require the user to do that silly rapid, repeated clicking and I figured one out!

What I did was to, instead of putting an action on the exit button to take the user back to the previous page, I put an action that set a custom “ExitGame” variable to 1. Then, on the page, I put an On Timer action to check that variable and, if it was 1, to take the user back to the previous page, and it worked like a charm! 🙂 (I also put an On Show action on the page to reset that variable to 0 so that, if they left the game and came back to it, they wouldn’t get automatically thrown out of the game.) It seems that, as I had thought (hoped), the On Timer actions take precedence over all other occurring actions that may be taking place on the page.


On a separate note….I have a question for the forum moderator(s)….why does the ability to edit one’s post go away after a certain amount of time (or maybe it’s when you leave the post and come back)? I wanted to update my subject line with a “(Solved)” at the end, but I couldn’t edit my post at all when I came back. There also didn’t seem to be a way to delete the post (although, in this case, I decided that it would be better to post my solution than to to delete the original question, even if I could).