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My name is Carol. I work in Las Vegas for MSTS, the main contractor for the Dept of Energy. We train first responders for response to a WMD. We are required to create our courses to meet 508 requirements, which is why I am switching back from Captivate to Lectora. Lectora seems friendlier in creating 508 compliant modules.  My problem is that when I create the exams, and upload to our LMS (K2 shared), the screen reader will read the test answers but will not read the question! I have tried tagging, and have checked the reading order. Everything is read on the page, except for the question (which I place in a text box). I also downloaded Karen Ngowe’s [spelling] template and used her format for t

est questions, and I have the same issue. I have to turn this course in ASAP and am stuck! I appreciate any suggestions!  Carol