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Microlearning is a great concept. However, the constraints of what companies may allow combined with the set amount of content regulation require presents challenges. At the Department of Transportation a wide range of OSHA training is required. The dynamics of management spread throughout an entire state and what leadership is willing to grant makes it a tough sell. Personally, it is the way I learn the most effectively. Anything after 20 minutes and my mind is elsewhere.

Your preference of how the current ToC operates makes sense when its being used as a ToC. The same format as a navigation tool creates an environment where some may feel they know the content and skip ahead to the last page. I have seen possible work-around to address this, I have not had success in making them work.

Do you have a way to prevent a user from opening the ToC at the start of the course and clicking the last page for the final (or any other page, thus skipping content?) Please share.

If this option were included, it does not show how far they have to go- but it does show where they have been. Perhaps pages not yet viewed could be a color of the designers choosing-but still locked until they have visited it by navigational arrows, After viewing the page it turns another color.