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If you really, really need this then you can use the following hack:


  1. In the publish folder locate the file trivantis-toc.js
  2. Copy this file to a common central location so that all Lectora Developers can copy the file
  3. Using any simple text editor open the file and at about line 26 (depends on your Lectora version)  you will see:
    1. this.plateId = typeof(id)==’number’ ? id : -1;
  4. Insert the following two lines of code after the above line:
    1. var pageStatus = window.parent.trivPageTracking.GetRangeStatus(this.plateId);
      if (pageStatus==”notstarted”) this.href = ‘javascript:void(null);’;
  5. Save and close the file

After each publish you will need to copy the above saved file to the current published folder.

If your publish option is to zip the file then you will need to add the above file to the zip, this will overwrite the existing file in the zip.

IMPORTANT!!!  This is a hack so don’t expect support, if you do have any issues at all ensure that you replace the hacked file and test again before requesting support.  We cannot expect Trivantis to support hacks.


Regards, Peter