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I just checked the ‘Scale content to fill Window’ publish options and it’s still flaky. With Edge, IE and Chrome I often get a horizontal scroll bar when the window is shrunk a little. Were you not able to use the code from apixel.com which also includes a full screen option (Just joking, I know the level of UAT you guys need to do for a release is huge).

BTW why not use more recent versions of 3rd party JavaScript libraries Lectora needs:

  • Hammer, Lectora uses v1.0.6dev from 2013, the current version is v.2.0.8
  • es6-promises, Lectora uses 2.0.0, the current version is v.4.2.4
  • jQuery, Lectora uses 1.10.2, the current version is 3.3.1
  • Mediaelement-and-Player, Lectora uses a version from 2014, the current version was released in late 2017.

Maybe that will resolve the issues.