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Interestingly, debug mode works in ReviewLink, but only partially. The main debug window works — showing things that are triggered and variables changing. The variables window actually appears and looks like it works (it shows all of the custom variables in the list, etc.), but it doesn’t actually update the variables. (So, for example, the main window will show a variable updating from 0 to 1, but the variables window still shows that variable as 0.)

I really hope Trivantis fixes this….debug mode is one of the most useful features — when I demonstrated it a few years ago during an LUC presentation, the people in the audience who didn’t know about it were wowed!

Thanks for the idea, Math….I can see how that can help see what your variables are doing, but it won’t show things being triggered, right? It also sounds like a bit of work…. (However, when I have a problem page, I sometimes do create a temporary text box and temporary actions to track the variable(s) that may be having a problem.)