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Thanks, Math! I did do away with the OnTimer action…it wasn’t working and it was slowing stuff down.

I love using action groups. In this case, though, the “chain” is caused by each balloon message having, at the end of its actions, an action to show the next balloon (which then triggers its actions). Unfortunately, most of the actions can’t be put into an action group because they’re unique to each balloon message….for example, the actions include telling it where to move to, which is unique for each balloon message. I might have been able to put a few actions into an action group — I honestly don’t remember what all of them were — but I still don’t understand why a simple action on a graphic (or button — I tried it with a button, too) to go to the previous page won’t work while the game is running.

I’ve got someone at Tivantis looking into this for me….if he strikes out, and if I decide that the info isn’t too proprietary, maybe I will post the sample here…