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Hi! I had the same issue and it turned out that Lectora wasn’t properly reading the BT score. The folks at branch track had me do the following:

We have a fix for the +score issue:

1) Create a variable BT_Score_Fix
2) Create action On Page Show – Run Javascript – paste the following code:

// make Lectora listen for BranchTrack events
window.parent.addEventListener(‘message’, function(message) {
data = JSON.parse(message.data);

Now the “BT_Score_Fix” variable will always contain the correct amount of points (when also subtracting) and the +points (score) will be actionable.


This fix worked in IE and Chrome up until January. I believe the last two lectora updates have caused this to stop working again when I republished. I was hoping lectora 17.1.2 would fix the issue, but it didn’t. I have a ticket in with BranchTrack and Trivantis.

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