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I’m struggling with the same thing. As far as I can figure, the only way to do this with the built-in functions is to have 15 separate questions, and that presents some significant challenges I haven’t yet overcome. The questions can all be on the same page so that it looks like one question to the learner, but:

  1. Each question must have it own drop zones, and if they overlap the learner can only drop in the front-most question.
  2. The on-click action fires on mouse up, not mouse down, so I cannot control which question’s drop zones are visible based on which item the learner drags.

I could require the learner to drag the items in a predefined order, but that’s not especially friendly design, and it would defeat the purpose of a drag-and-drop question asking the learner to put things in order.

There may be a javascript way to do this, but I’m not even sure where to start.