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Thanks for your input, however, what we need is the ability to launch the content locally that is intended for the internet and we need to do this without re-publishing if we run out of time.

Typically this is for testing purposes.  I have over 300 titles with between 150-350 pages and 95% of these pages have Actions (simple hide/show), some pages only have a few Actions, other pages have up to 20.  Every page, without exception, has an audio.  Each title has between 10-15 “test your knowledge” (unscored) questions, the quizzes have a randomized question pool of 30 questions of which only 10 are selected.

I am just the Lectora Developer (programmer), not the Subject Matter Expert.  To upload each title and test using all the major browsers only to find that I did not dot an “i” or cross a “t” is a major, major time drain.  If I run out of time testing locally and need to start again another day it’s quicker to re-publish and navigate to the page where I left off.

Again, thanks for your input.

Regards, Peter