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I think I understand what you’re saying.

…what we need is the ability to launch the content locally that is intended for the internet and we need to do this without re-publishing if we run out of time.

Is there a problem with publishing to HTML and viewing the HTML files directly? They will open in a browser in the same way they will after publishing. You can choose to open in a specific broswer if you want to test its specific compatibility (though 99% of the time what works in one browser will work in any since it’s all just basic HTML content).

The hardest part about this is finding the starting slide in the folder if your content doesn’t have a “go to beginning” type button in its layout design, since Lectora simply publishes each slide according to its name/sub-directory structure rather than in the order it appears in your content (which makes sense since you can have a non-linear content design).

If all you need to do is be able to view the content locally/offline, seeing it just as it will appear when published online, without republishing from Lectora, then this is exactly what you’re looking for.