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<span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>ahetherington9113 The first thing to try is to zoom all the way out, to 25%; sometimes notes jump off the stage, and zooming out shows them. But sometimes not; sometimes they’re just nowhere. And like <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>msullivan3430, I use notes to remind me of things I still need to do in the course, and I want to get rid of those when I do the things. This is the only way I know of when a note goes missing. (I do not get credit for it; I found the solution in a different thread on this forum a while back.)

And after all there’s no point in putting a note in for any reason if you don’t want to see it later, and sometimes they just go missing. Similar steps to the ones I posted earlier also allow you to read the text of a missing note, and to reposition it. Referring back to my earlier attachment:

  • The <notetext> node, as you might guess, shows the text of the note.
  • The <notepos> node and its <x> and <y> children show the position of the note icon, in pixels from the top left corner of the stage (though in my experience this is not always correct).
  • The <floatpos> node and its children show the position of the opened note, in pixels from the top left corner of the Lectora application window (not the stage).
  • The <color> node even lets you change the background color of the opened note (but not of the icon) if you really want to get fancy.