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The “the persistent data was not able to be stored” error is something that has been in Lectora for years. I wrote to Trivantis about a simple fix for this but they never implemented it.

In trivantis-cookie.js it encodes and stores page name but then it checks the encoded page name with the original unencoded page name which (if the page name included encodeable characters) no long match and so throws the error.

The fix, which won’t break any existing title, is to open trivatis-cookie.js find this code

if( chkdata.length < newData.length ) {
bErr = true;

– in Lectora 17.1.3 it’s at line 878 – and change it to

if (chkdata.length < newData.length) {
if (chkdata != Decode(newData)) {
bErr = true;


Also 17.1.3 is out.

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