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We set up a test to compare a page of fade transitions and a page with no transitions.

The first page was set up to have 15/20 copies of the same image fading in and out automatically. After 15 seconds it automatically redirects you to the next page which was exactly the same in every way except there were no transitions on the images and it redirects you to the previous page; creating a loop.

Our results show that 9 times out of 10 it would stop redirecting on the transition page after 3 or 4 redirects. This also indicates it cuts automatic navigation – not just on click actions.

It never cut out on the other page without transitions further indicating it’s something to do with the transitions and not other factors like the amount of images/actions etc. It also sent through logs to our LMS, even after cutting out meaning it does seem to be a Lectora issue and not an issue with SCORM or connection to the system.

All-in-all I think the only way around this is as you said – to remove all transitions.

Thanks a lot for helping us out! 🙂