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This is simple to add with CSS so it probably doesn’t make business sense spending time and money adding it as built-in functionality. One of the strengths of this application is how easy it is for non web designers to add CSS and/or JavaScript.

  1. Open a text editor, notepad works fine.
  2. type  .strike {text-decoration: line-through;} and save as styles.css (change the extension from .txt to all files)
  3. Add HTML Extension Cascading Style Sheet browse for and point to the file you just saved.
  4. Add “strike” (no quotes) as a class for ANY text block(s) – Under Properties tab, lower right of appearance.

For anyone interested in some of the other options you have with this one style rule check out text-decoration in the Mozilla Developers Network (MDN) Docs.


  1. addCSS.zip