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I decided to dive right into this, as there are some CSS-related things that would be very useful for my Lectora projects.

To start with, I decided to play around with your spinner example to familiarize myself with its specific implementation within Lectora content. I ran into a few issues before getting off the ground there though:

First, I tried just opening the .awt file after extracting the .zip contents to see how the spinner looked, and I could not preview it using Lectora’s preview features. I was able to view it by opening the html files directly, but for the sake of being able to preview content as you work on it, this isn’t ideal. Still, I could see the animation this way.

So with not being able to really play around with your included example in Lectora, I opted to try creating a spinner object on my own following your example. I copied the spinner.css to my new directory, created the html extension (set to css) with that file as it’s target, added the html extension object with the code above, and tried to preview that in Lectora. Again, nothing. I tried publishing to HTML files only, wondering if maybe I could preview it that way like I had your pre-created content, but here it only opened a blank webpage, so nothing there either.

Any ideas why that might be?