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Thank you for your reply! I didn’t think anyone replied because I was expecting an email and didn’t get one.

I’m getting a warning (blue). I’m using MP3 audio files. I did see the message in the Information Center that some warning messages may never be resolved, so I would think that this is probably a harmless warning, except that I’m having some issues with my audio in IE 8. I’m giving my users the options of listening to audio or reading text. The audio is auto starting, but I want the audio to mute if they choose to read the text and unmute if they change their mind and want to listen to the audio. So, I have two buttons–one for audio and one for “no audio/text only” that I have assigned some actions to. Everything works great in preview and ReviewLink, but then when we put it on our Cornerstone LMS, it works in IE 10, but not IE 8. That’s a problem because many of your users still have IE8. Some other users posted about this very same problem, so I will try to figure out how to do the latest suggestion that was posted.

I was just wondering if the warning I was getting was related to this, but I don’t think it is. Thanks again!