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Adding an action to a text block may work for the speech-to-text, however, it’s problematic for screen readers. Screen readers use divs and types to decide how to announce objects to the user. For example, a Next button would be read “button next” since it has the “<button id>” and the type equals “button”. Screen readers can also identify if a button is disabled, i.e. “button next disabled”.

(Side note – for those focusing on accessibility and screen readers, do NOT name your buttons with the word “button” – It WILL be repeated “button next button”.)

Text blocks with an action are announced more like a URL link. I tested with NVDA and it announced the id of the text block (text12345), then read the text itself, then read “javascript has onUp link”. I saw this in JAWS as well when I was going through review with a user that exclusively used tab functions and screen readers.