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Good morning Dawn,

Sorry for the long wait – I don’t get into the groups much.

The short answer is some work, some don’t.  It depends.

We have surveys for students to complete at the end of every curriculum.  They consist of Likert, and textual inputs.

We have had luck in running Interaction reports to obtain returns from those surveys – however the lesson doesn’t list in the available courses to run against – so you must use the Session option and select the session that your survey(s) is/are assigned.

We get both Likert results (with statistics) and textual responses in the returned report.

We also have an education and certification survey that we run on students in order to determine their education and training backgrounds.  To date, we have found no way of reporting student responses to this type of survey, which consists of Radio Buttons, check boxes and drop down lists.

Hope that helps.