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I have a form with a series of statements and a drop-down box next to each statement (so they can rate the statement). One of my user testers “complained” that, to tab from drop-down to drop-down, he had to hit Tab twice (presumably because the next statement was taking focus before its drop-down box).

I tried doing what you suggested and, while it worked great in terms of Lectora inserting the ID for me, it did nothing to fix the original problem — I still had to double-Tab to get to the next drop-down. (BTW, in case it matters, all of the drop-downs are grouped together into a form in the Title Explorer, and that form object is before any of the statements in the “tree.”)

Since 508 isn’t an issue for me, I’m open to any solution that would fix this problem, whether that be hiding the statements from focus or just changing the focus order so that they come after all of the drop-downs (since, presumably, once the user is done with all of the drop-downs, he/she won’t be tabbing anymore).

Any suggestions?